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Oyster Mesh Cage - Flexible and Durable to Grow Oyster

An opening oyster cage dumps oysters on the wooden floor.

The high quality oyster cages can be used in water for more than seven years.

Oyster mesh cage is a flexible way to raise your oysters, either floating on or at the bottom of water. All oyster cages are built with heavy duty extruded high density polyethylene mesh. The oyster growing cages are assembled with aluminum clips, elastic straps and nylon harnesses. The high quality oyster cages can be used in water for more than seven years. We can offer you various sizes oyster mesh cages, and also can do cages according to your specifications.

Here are some warm prompt.

  • In the water, shake each oyster cage up and down to remove the silt and fouling.
  • Move cages to the dock for at least one hour per month to let the sun and wind dry and kill bacteria.
  • Pick out the died oysters or crabs as soon as possible.
  • Before you put cages back into the water, give each cage a good shake to ensure oysters dispersed at the bottom.
  • Do not forget to remove the cages into the water.


  • Material: HDPE.
  • Mesh opening shape: diamond or square.
  • Package: wooden pallet.
  • Color: commonly is black.
Oyster mesh cage sizes
Code Mesh opening size (mm) Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Weight (g)
OMC-1 10 40 20 20 410
OMC-2 15 40 30 20 410
OMC-3 4 60 30 15 550
OMC-4 6 60 30 20 550
OMC-5 9 60 30 30 560
OMC-6 16 80 40 20 560
OMC-7 20 80 40 30 700
OMC-8 23 80 40 40 700
Four cages without caps stand on the ground and several oysters in.

The cages are made of HDPE mesh.

Two oyster cages tied by white ropes on the ground.

We can offer various types and sizes oyster cages for you.


  • Easy to remove oysters and easy to use for oyster harvesting.
  • Durable in extreme weather conditions.
  • Creating best environment makes oysters growing faster.
  • UV protection for long life.
  • Environment friendly, and do not impact on other marine life.


  • The oyster cages major in raising oysters and also available in harvesting oysters or other shellfish.
  • Oyster cages are submerged to protect oysters during winter or hurricane weather.
  • The oyster mesh cages also can contain 1/2 cage of spat to protect them from attacking of predators such as crabs.
Several oyster growing cages on the wooden ground with many oysters in.

The cage can raise oysters and harvest oysters.

The cages contain several bags of spat on floor.

The cage can protect the spat.

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