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Oyster Bag Mounting Accessories - Float, Tie, Clip and Anchor

Besides oyster mesh and oyster growing bags, we also can offer you the accessories, such as oyster bag floats, cable ties, earth anchors and sharp clip.

Oyster Bag Float

Float is specially designed for float oyster bag. It can be made of two materials: air rubber and foam. They are tied to the oyster bags with cable ties in order to let bags keep floating.


  • Material: air rubber and foam.
  • Color: white, black.
  • Float type: cylinder air rubber float and square foam float.

Float size:

  • L 600mm × W 100mm × H 50mm for square foam float.
  • L 700mm × W 100mm × H 50mm for square foam float.
  • L 800mm × W 100mm × H 50mm for square foam float.
  • L 600mm × D 80mm for cylinder air rubber float.
  • L 700mm × D 80mm for cylinder air rubber float.
  • L 800mm × D 80mm for cylinder air rubber float.
A black cylinder air rubber float on the floor.

Standard air rubber float.

Two black square foam floats on the white background.

Standard square foam float.

Cable Tie

The cable tie is used to fasten the oyster bags. The ties are made with type 6/6 nylon for high impact and tensile strength. Besides, It has other good qualities, such as UV treated, weather resistant and heat stabilized. Any custom sizes and color is available.


  • Material: nylon 6/6 in natural.
  • Color: mainly black and white, (other colors we also can do).
  • Size: 100mm × 2.5mm, 300mm × 4.8mm, 500mm × 9.0mm (other sizes we also can do).
Three black cable ties and two are straight, one is tied on the white background.

Standard black cable ties.

Ten different color cable ties straight and neat on the floor.

Standard colorful cable ties.

Oyster Bag Sharp Clip

The sharp clip is mainly used for oyster bags to catch the main line. The clip has two parts: the clip and lanyard. Clips are made of 316 stainless steel. And the clip wire diameter commonly is 1.9mm. So it is strong enough to withstand years of abuse.

An oyster bag with one foam float on its top and on its left tied with two blue sharp ties.

The sharp clip let oyster bags catch lines.

Three sharp clips and one does not with  lanyard on the floor.

Sharp clip help you raise your oysters.

Great Earth Anchors

The high quality earth anchor is made of steel and designed for fixing oyster mesh bags in aquaculture industry. The anchors can be easily screwed into the ground. With the help of the equipment, you can manage your farm faster and more convenient.


  • Material: steel.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized or paint.
  • Color: mainly black, other colors we also can do.
  • Size:
    • 32" length, 3/8" wire diameter.
    • 30" length, 1/2" wire diameter.
    • 15" length, 1/2" wire diameter.
A black earth anchor sideways on white background.

Earth anchor can be easily screwed into the ground.

A row of orange earth anchor on the floor.

The earth anchor can help you manage your farm more convenient.

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