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Float Oyster Bag - Foam and Rubber Floats

Float oyster bag is a new effective method to grow oyster. Through making full use of the nutrient and oxygen rich surface water, it makes the oyster grow faster than using the traditional way. And it makes the oyster breeding low cost and good for environment. Most of oysters have a nice uniform appearance. Oyster mesh bag has diverse mesh sizes, which can suit different sizes of oysters.

A stand up float oyster bag in the front of several bundles of float bags.

We can offer various types and sizes of float oyster bag for you.

The float oyster bag is including the oyster mesh bags, zip ties and the floats. All of them are UV-resistant and durable. The oyster bag float has two types: foam and air rubber.


  • The oyster bag
    • Material: high density polyethylene.
    • Mesh shape: diamond and square.
    • Mesh size: 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 23mm.
    • Color: black.
    • Bag size: 0.8m × 0.5m,0.9m × 0.5m, 0.4m × 1m, 0.5m × 1m.
  • The oyster bag float
    • Material: air rubber, and foam.
    • Color: white, black.
    • Float type: cylinder air rubber float and cuboid foam float.
    • Float size:
      • L 600mm × W 100mm × H 50mm for square foam float.
      • L 700mm × W 100mm × H 50mm for square foam float.
      • L 800mm × W 100mm × H 50mm for square foam float.
      • L 600mm × D 80mm for cylinder air rubber float.
      • L 700mm × D 80mm for cylinder air rubber float.
      • L 800mm × D 80mm for cylinder air rubber float.
A black oyster mesh bag with two black cylinder air rubber floats on its either side.

Oyster bag with air rubber float.

A black oyster mesh bag with two black square foam floats on its top and tied two blue sharp clips in both foam floats.

Oyster bag with foam float.


  • UV resistant.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Increasing the uniform oyster growth rates.
  • Many mesh sizes choices for different sizes of oysters.
  • Reduce the growth cycle.
  • High labor efficiency.
  • Saving the expense.


  • The float oyster bag is mainly used in the oyster growing. It can help you manage your oysters more efficiently. You can use it in the sea, rivers, shallow waters.
  • The oyster seed breeding also can use the float oyster bags.
Two lines of float oyster bags float on the water.

The float oyster bag helps you manage your oyster efficiently.

Oyster seeds in float oyster bag with a bag of oyster seeds and a ruler on its top.

The float oyster bag also can be used in oyster seed breeding.

Using method of the float oyster mesh bag

It's easy to assemble. First, put the oyster seeds into a float oyster bag and then tie it off with the zip ties to the dock. We do suggest giving the bag a shake and a flip every few days, about 6 - 10 days. It is better to go through your float bags once a month because you have to remove the dead oysters and crabs as soon as possible. At last, you only need to wait the great harvest of your oysters.

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