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Sealed Oyster Bag with One End Sealed

A black oyster mesh bag, one end is sealed and one end is open, flat on the floor.

The sealed oyster bag is more convenient and we can offer various types and sizes for you.

Sealed oyster bag is the tubular bag, which one end is pre-sealed and the other end is closed by hog rings. It is mainly used in breeding the oysters. The sealed bags are made with the highest quality of food grade nontoxic HDPE and UV stabilized materials. So we can ensure offer you a robust, practical and highly effective product. The technology helps the customers achieve practical and highly effective product with very competitive costs. We also offer the two end open oyster mesh bags. We can offer you the sealed bag packed in pallet or in bundle.


  • Material: HDPE.
  • Bag edge: sealed.
  • Edge treatment: hot press.
  • Mesh size: 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 23mm.
  • Bag size: 0.4m × 0.8m, 0.5m × 1m.
  • Mesh type: diamond or square.
  • Color: mainly is black and white.
  • Package: in pallet or in bundle.
HDPE sealed oyster bag sizes
Code Mesh opening size Bag size Weight
SOB-1 4mm 80cm × 40cm 410g
SOB-2 6mm 80cm × 40cm 410g
SOB-3 9mm 80cm × 40cm 410g
SOB-4 12mm 80cm × 40cm 560g
SOB-5 14mm 80cm × 40cm 560g
SOB-6 23mm 80cm × 40cm 560g
SOB-7 4mm 100cm × 50cm 550g
SOB-8 6mm 100cm × 50cm 550g
SOB-9 9mm 100cm × 50cm 550g
SOB-10 12mm 100cm × 50cm 700g
SOB-11 14mm 100cm × 50cm 700g
SOB-12 23mm 100cm × 50cm 700g
Several bundles of oyster bags, tied by white rope, stack on the ground.

Sealed oyster bags packed in bundle.

A pallet of oyster bag, tied by green rope, stack on the ground.

Sealed oyster bags packed in pallet.


  • UV protection.
  • Non-pollution
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Diamond square shape for maximum strength.
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • Highly effective product.
  • Save time and money with one end permanently sealed.


  • The sealed bag is mainly used in aquaculture industry, specially for the oysters growing.
  • It is also used to grow clams on the bottom of sea water.
  • The sealed bag also can gather the oyster seeds together and raise them. It can supply a safe environment for the oysters seeds.
Two rows of sealed bags on the metal shelves and many oysters in the bags.

The sealed oyster bag is a useful technology for oyster growing.

An open sealed oyster bag stands on end and some oyster seeds in it.

Sealed oyster bag can prevent the seeds from getting out.

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