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Copper Alloy Aquaculture Netting – High Strength and Bio-Fouling Proof

As we all know, the aquaculture is one of the most important of industries. We all attempt to decrease death rate and improve harvest. There are various materials of fish cage, such as polyethylene, HDPE and polypropylene. These traditional material netting is short service life, low loading capacity and corrosive in the water. Besides, it is easy to blocking meshes and causing fish disease and so on.

Here is a type of aquaculture netting, which is made of copper alloy, including brass and copper. Copper alloy aquaculture netting has outstanding Bacteriostatic performance and will not corrosive or rust in long service life.

Types of copper alloy fish cage

Copper alloy aquaculture netting can be made into different types according to different technologies, they all have their own characteristics, just choose according to your requirements.

A roll of brass chain link mesh in the plastic package.
CAAN-01: Copper chain link mesh aquaculture netting.

chain link mesh

  • Wire diameter: 2.5 mm – 4 mm.
  • Mesh size: 25–40 mm.
  • Mesh type: diamond meshes.
  • Lifespan: commonly is 5–8 years and detailed is depending on the specific use.
  • Feature: flexible, wear and corrosion resistance.
Several pieces of copper expanded metal mesh on the ground.
CAAN-02: Copper expanded metal mesh aquaculture netting.

Expanded metal mesh

  • Sheet thickness: 1–2 mm.
  • Mesh size: 25–40 mm.
  • Mesh type: diamond.
  • Open area: 73–76%.
  • Lifespan: commonly is more than 10 years. Detailed is depending on specific use.
  • Feature: high corrosion resistance performance.
  • Application: it can be fixed on the frame or welded into cage to be used in places with less mechanical wear.
Several pieces of copper welded mesh on the ground.
CAAN-03: Copper welded mesh aquaculture netting.

Welded wire mesh

  • Wire diameter: 2.5–4 mm.
  • Mesh size: 25–40 mm.
  • Mesh type: square.
  • Lifespan: at least 5 years.
  • Feature: excellent solderability.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Application: it is widely used in the fixed frame and soft connected cage system.
Several pieces of brass crimped wire mesh on the ground.
CAAN-04: Copper crimped wire mesh aquaculture netting.

Crimped wire mesh

  • Wire diameter: 2.5-4 mm.
  • Mesh size: 25-40 mm.
  • Mesh type: square.
  • Lifespan: at least 5 years.
  • Feature: corrosion and impact resistance.
  • Application: it is suitable for fixed frame.

Comparison of traditional and copper alloy fish cage

  • Sterilization
    • As we all know, the biogfouling and organic matter will block and impede water exchange. Many of Fishes in the traditional aquaculture netting are dead because of a low oxygen content environment. So the production will decrease rapidly.
    • The most important characteristic of copper alloy aquaculture netting is not vulnerable to bio-fouling, the fish are healthier and the mortality rate is much lower. The feed cost will reduce 1% and the survival rate will increase 11–20% to improve fish harvest.
  • Service life
    • The traditional materials, including nylon, HDPE, PVC and other materials has shorter service life in the fresh water because they are easy rot.
    • The copper alloy material fish cage has outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance, they can bear the corrosion from algae and other element and maintain a long service life.
  • Maintenance cost
    • The traditional material is easy blocking by algae, plants and other elements and the maintenance will cost lots of money and time.
    • The copper alloy aquaculture will not corrode by these element and need not clean by diver and any labor to save maintenance cost.
  • Strength and loading capacity.
    • The traditional aquaculture netting is easy to destroyed by the predators undersea. Besides, when the fishes grow up, they may attempt to break the netting and escape. The traditional netting can not bear the impact.
    • Copper alloy aquaculture netting has high strength and loading capacity to keep predators out and fishes in. Tensile strength is ≥ 245 MPa and the elongation is ≥ 40%.

Features of copper alloy netting

  • Prevent the hurt from pathogens and parasites.
  • Resistant to the bad weather.
  • Resistant to the storm, tidewater.
  • Protect fishes from predators attacking.
  • Environmental friendly. This materials is 100% recycled ans will not pollute environment.
  • low maintenance cost and efforts.
  • Rust and corrosion resistance for long service life.
  • Safe. The thicker and smooth wires can protect fishes from hurting by the thin wires.
The copper alloy chain link meshes are laying on the ground.
CAAN-05: Copper alloy aquaculture netting is widely used in the aquaculture to improve harvest.

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