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Oyster Sorting Tumblers Efficiently Grade Your Oysters

Oyster sorting tumbler is mainly used to grade and tumbler your oysters. After the combination of experience and research, we come up with the high efficient and low maintenance machine. The whole machine is made of heavy gauge aluminum so that it is light weight. We utilize the newest technology to make up for the limitations of other sorting machines. So the oyster sorting tumbler can give you a big help in sorting your oysters and I am sure you can benefit a lot from the perfect machine. We can offer you various sizes of sorting tubes to sieve different sizes of oysters.

One sorting machine and next to another tumbler on the ground.

You can choose various sizes of mesh tubes to sieve different sizes of oysters.

The machine is sorting oysters.

The sorting tumbler is a high efficient and low maintenance machine.


  • Material: heavy gauge aluminum.
  • Tube hole size: 0.5cm, 1cm, 2cm for the seed tube.
  • Tube diameter: 18 inches.
  • Tube length: 9 feet.


  • Use newest technology. It can ensure the maximize yield.
  • Produce a nice shape. The tube gently chips the edges of the oysters.
  • Give a better grade. Using the round holes instead of square mesh.
  • Keep the oysters cleaner. When the oysters pass through, the fouling are washed down by the water.
  • Easy change sorting tube. Two guys can change a tube in a matter of minutes.
  • Grading by machine, faster and easier.
  • The legs are adjustable so you can change its height to make the oysters roll quicker or slower down the tube.
One leg of the sorting tumbler stands on the grassland.

The legs are adjustable, so you can change the angle and height.

A sorting tube and four cages of oysters under it.

The sorting tumbler can help you sort oysters faster and easier.


  • The sorting tumbler is mainly used to sieve and grade the oyster seeds or adult oysters. There are various sizes of mesh tubes that can be changed on the machine.
  • Through grading and tumbling the oysters, the tumbler can remove many of fouling.
  • The oyster sorting machine can give oyster a clean appearance.
A piece of round holes tumbler stand on the grassland.

The sorting tumbler is the round holes. It can give a better grade.

In the tumbler, water is washing the oysters.

It can wash down the fouling while sort the oysters seeds.

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